Today’s Writing Exercise: Describe Someone You See

by Amelia Kanan

I’ve been so overwhelmed with all the projects going on that I’ve been neglecting my personal writing. Even when I sit down to write, I don’t feel like I have much to say or without anything to draw on so…I decided to write about some strangers at the table near me. This is obviously more for me than any of you.

There are two men sitting in front me at the coffee shop. One is in his 60’s, I think. He could be 55 or 72, I’ve never been very good at calculating the age of an old man. Wait, he just turned around. He’s actually probably 43 and pretty good-looking. Actually, wow. ¬†Really good looking. The other “man” looks young, maybe my age or a bit younger. He looks like a poor man’s Ryan Gosling, with a serious underbite going on. Poor kid.

At first glance, due to their pressed shirts, black brief cases and gray slacks (I hate that word but feel like that’s the word these two men would use), I assumed it was a business meeting. And it could be but…what’s so peculiar is that they’re wearing the same exact outfit. Collared, button down white dress shirt with a faint blue checked pattern. Gray “slacks” and black belts. I can’t see their shoes, a chair is blocking my view. I should get up to pretend to use the bathroom so I can catch a better glance but for the sake of not leaving my seat, I’ll say they’re wearing the same shoes.

Did I mention the woman? There’s a twenty something year old who is sitting with them. She’s darker, with black curly shortish hair and looks like she doesn’t fit. But, here’s the clincher: she’s wearing gray slacks!

I want to say their Mormon because I get that creepy clean vibe but the girl just seems too dark to be a part of all that.

They’re getting up. Yup, same shoes. Oh, different belts (the other is brown). How could someone ever wear a brown belt with black shoes?

The “older” man has, what seems to appear like, a friendship bracelet…the kind girls make in 5th grade with thread that you braid. Damn. He has a wedding band on. I totally could be a Mormon…

Not at all, actually. I wouldn’t be able to drink coffee or wine and I’d have to have a lot of kids. Not to mention wearing that weird underwear…I don’t even like wearing regular underwear. Ugh, I hate that word too.

The dark girl and the younger guy are leaving. Together. The older one is staying behind. He’s doing some sort of paperwork. I should have taken off my headphones so I could have eavesdropped.

On second thought, I’m glad I didn’t hear one word of it.

This concludes my writing exercise for the day.