Guilty Pleasure Friday

by Amelia Kanan

When I took this in New Mexico, I felt frighteningly close to aliens…I know, I know…”dramatic”. Anyway, aliens remind me of Scientology, hence this photo.

Maybe this will become a new thing…

Due to the (inevitable) fall of Tomcat, I got distracted from my research and work that I should be doing. Maybe it’s caused me to be a little unproductive on the “real life” front however, it’s definitely restocked my arsenal for the battle against Scientology (I still hold strong to my Tom Cruise “homo-spiracy” and that Scientology uses it against him.).

Because I am terrified of Scientology it fascinates me. The secrets, human punishing, recruiting practices, the “auditing”, the replacement of the word “love” with “affinity”…I mean, it can just keep going. Part of me regrets not going in for the “free stress test” that all Scientology institutes use to bait their prey. I wanted to be an under cover reporter (I technically wouldn’t have to be “undercover” because I’m not actually a reporter). However, no matter how strong I think my will and mind are, I very well could have fallen for that bait and went on, into the dark side.

Thankfully, I’m still here and I’m still rooting for sanity and talking smack (backed up with facts) about all things creepy.

Here’s some “creeptactual” (just coined that) reads:

Scientology’s Disgrace: An Open Letter To Tom Cruise

An article from an ex-Scientologist and an ex-man (she’s not a trans gendered woman since she left the “church”).

Former Scientology Official Criticizes Church

A glossary of Scientology terms