One Success

by Amelia Kanan

It could’ve gone badly. I had nothing to wear this morning. I ate three turkey meatballs for lunch with coffee and my stomach wasn’t too happy. I had to cut my prep time in half because I had left my wallet at home. It could’ve gone really badly. But. It didn’t. And it didn’t not go badly because I wore my lucky shoes (yup, they’re lucky) or because my dad prayed for me. It didn’t not go badly because I rocked it.

1.5 months ago, I sent out a mass e-mail. This little e-mail was sent to real estate agents and agencies, developers, and commercial building owners. It took 2-3 weeks just to find the companies, names and e-mails. I told them that I was a freelance photographer who was looking to expand my network. Broke down my experience, education, and claim to fame and then added a few photos of building interiors/exteriors and a link to my website.

There were, no joke, over 100 e-mail addresses that I sent it too. How many responded? One. That’s right one developer. But, guess what? That one developer had his assistant set up a meeting with me. I walked into that one developer’s conference room today. And as I sat there explaining how I work, what I am capable of and my experience, I felt a strength within me that I haven’t felt in a long time. In fact, I think it was something I’ve never felt before. Confidence. Natural confidence. I wasn’t acting a part, I wasn’t signing up for something I didn’t understand, I didn’t have the attitude”Well, it’d be their loss”. I was poised, smart, just funny enough, asked questions, and I was honest. I was me and I was exactly what that one developer had been looking for.

Tomorrow I’m starting a new list. Interior designers. So, designers beware. I’m coming and I’m unstoppable.