Weather Beware

by Amelia Kanan

A storm is a brewin'

“What’s the deal with this weather?”

If there is one convo piece I hate the most, it’s “the weather”. I don’t want to talk about it. It is what it is. It makes me so upset that if a stranger asks me point blank “Crazy weather, isn’t it?” I literally, smile (no teeth) and walk away. Sometimes, I think this is one of the reasons as to why I avoid offices because I might literally have a conniption.

I can listen to tangents of weather talk like a disaster, how one’s knee hurts when it rains or if you need to vent your annoyance over having to reschedule something due to unexpected coldness. That stuff, I can understand, tolerate and even encourage but it’s the repetitive jabber that’s based on the most blatant observation of everyone’s day that I have zero tolerance. A: Are you that empty headed that that’s all you can think of to talk about and B: How are you shocked by the one thing that is consistently unpredictable in life?

Then there’s the unpreparedness for the consistent unpredictability. For example, my cousin who I’m travel with has lived in the Midwest her entire life. She’s dealt with lots of different kinds of weather during all four seasons. Plus, she’s travelled to these West Virginia areas before and although, it’s been abnormally warm this season and the weather projection was warm she was shocked when the weather turned cold yesterday. “I didn’t even pack a coat…” she said.

“Are you kidding me??” I have lived in perfect mild/warm weather for the past few years and I even remember how you have to be prepared for a cold front.

She packed way more than me and yet, she is the least prepared with her tank tops, skirts, open toed heels and sandals. I brought my purse and one over the shoulder duffel and I have things for the cold, warm, gym, pool, day, night, shower, outdoors and road.

I win.

My sassiness and rant about nothing special is a true sign of my tiredness, don’t think I’m not having fun…because I am. We haven’t fought once (bickering over  her being unprepared for the weather and who makes Aunt Mabel cry tears of joy the most doesn’t count), we have  similar sleep/wake schedges, we both need the same amount of talking/quiet, she gets just as excited (maybe even more) as me when I find a shot and…we make each other laugh.

West V loves Me and T. Shout out, Showdee Show.