Road Trip

by Amelia Kanan

I definitely got a lot closer...but I have nothing to show for it due to fear.

On Easter Sunday, in-between fielding 3 different conversations, yelling over my  tribal like family watching the baseball game and balancing my lamb and fattoush salad on my lap I was also pleading for forgiveness to one of my favorite cousin’s who had caught me in a lie.

I had skipped out on plans from the day before and said the reason was due to me not having a car. Well, my mom threw me under the bus the moment she walked into Easter. When my “favorite” cousin asked “Did Amelia not have a car yesterday?” “No she didn’t BUT I told her I would drive her.” Wow, if you can’t rely on your mom then who can you rely on?

“I’m sorry, I just…felt like I needed some quiet time.”

She understood.

When we started trying to make plans she said “Well, I’ll be away on business from Tuesday to Friday…” and me being me asked “Do you need an assistant?”. She laughed and said no but invited me along anyway. I laughed. Obviously, I wasn’t being serious when I had asked. But, then the wheels in her head started spinning. She was renting a car to drive to West Virginia and stopping at places in-between. Gas and hotel’s were taken care of. I could photograph and write while she did her thing. Hmmm, I thought. Why not?

“Well, I’m in a good routine right now with my work outs and yoga, I don’t want to break it.”

“The hotels have gyms and I’ll make you go.”


So, here I am. Right now. West Virginia. She’s in her bed on her laptop across from the nightstand and me in my bed on my laptop. (Secret of the day: I think it looks cool and I thought about taking a picture of it but I still haven’t figured out the timer on my camera…)

Best part of the day:

Getting up close and personal with livestock.

Lessons of the day:

I hope I never have to work in sales.

I like feeling scared but only if I know safety is around the corner.