For My Non-Detroiter Peeps

by Amelia Kanan

I apologize for my absence. I know I’ve been M.I.A. but you know when you fall in love and can’t be bothered with anyone or anything else ? Well, that’s what has happened. Yes, I’m smitten.

Easy there fella (I know which one you are), I’m not off the market (this week). Rather, it’s this city that has struck my heart. I could be biased since it’s the place in which I was raised but each day I learn more, see something new and meet strangers that all point me into the same state of happiness. Most of the people I’ve met are fronted with an authentic sense, which is fueled by care, interest and support. Everywhere I go, I can’t not be exposed to some sort of art whether it’s a historic building, sculpture, an installation or on the side of a building. Creativity itself and pride are the main tools being used in most of the innovative ventures that seem to be taking off or generating hype. What I find most seducing is the fact that these grass rooted undertakings aren’t just pertinent to Detroit but to the U.S. and world.  Another great thing about this city is because the population is so low, it’s easier to spread awareness and gain support for your cause. And of course, the obvious, because the box is broken there is little restriction on what it is you can create, make, do and achieve.

However, in typical Amelia fashion, since I’ve been struck with the love bug I need to be privy to all flaws so I’m not a naive Juliet. Today, I’ll mention a few that have been on my mind lately and #1’s issue may be one of the reasons for #2’s ailment. Note: I’m not pessimistically pointing out these things but rather curiously pondering about. I welcome thoughts that could shed light on my speculations thus far.

#1 Although the people of Detroit are hard workers and not afraid to get down and dirty, there’s also a craze of being your own leader. We’re not all meant to be business owners, organization leaders or artists.

#2 There seems to be a lot of disorganization in terms of all the organizations. Since the circle of people involving themselves within a cause is an already small pool, everyone needs to merge together if they are under the same cause umbrella. Growth for funding, awareness and involvement would be easier to achieve if there was one organization for one cause.

#3 It’s easy to love an idea and want to tell everyone about it, without a plan for execution. There are brilliant ideas that have been quickly thrown out into the world of social networking without structured plans. Ideas are great but mean nothing without the logistics to a means.

So, I miss you my beloved non-Detroiters. I know there are many of you to whom I owe phone calls, e-mails and texts to catch you up on things and get caught up on your worlds. This, in a broad sense, is what I’ve been doing and I’ll let you know the deets when I can but don’t let that reflect how often I think of you. When people ask “Do you miss LA?”, I always say “I just miss my people, terribly” and nothing could be further from the truth. Big love and long lingering hugs are being sent always, from your’s truly.