Right Now

by Amelia Kanan

I’m off sugar. Consider the band-aid ripped. This includes bread, pasta, rice, corn tortilla’s, gluten-free pancakes, chocolate chips in the “secret” cupboard and popcorn (insert: the saddest sigh you’ve ever heard). Although I feel good and over-all positive, I wouldn’t say I’m in a good mood. I’ve burned more calories than I’ve eaten today. Which is awesome for my body but not so great for those around me. I already yelled at my dad twice. I’m sorry but he should know that I cannot be bothered when I’m using his gym. And he should know that if I don’t make eye contact with him when he enters a room that’s my signal that I’m not open for a chat session. Ok, don’t feel too bad for him. Remember this is a blog and things are for sure exaggerated…or are they? Seriously though, I did make him dinner, ate it with him and apologized.

I’ve already given permission for two sugary things: wine and dark choco. Not yet though, I don’t feel deserving. However, I did need a little something since I wasn’t full from dinner and I needed something to take the edge off so I made myself one of my favorites. A dirty martini which…I don’t make very well. I can never get my ratios right and for some reason it always get so messy. My kitchen counter is full of little puddles of olive juice with miniature icebergs floating in them and my cheeks are already super flushed because it was a doozy. Too much vermouth. Lots of olive juice but waaaay more vodka.

In other news, the word at CBS is that my blog for this week was a big hit. “The newsroom was abuzz.” That’s a quote from my own mouth not from anyone at CBS.

Alright, this was enough of a break. Thanks for listening. I need to get back to work. Side Note: Sometimes I think I’m a workaholic. Don’t laugh. I know I know…”you don’t have a job so how can you be a workaholic?” Ugh, ignorance people, pure ignorance.

This is my “work”, bitches:

-Researching a new perspective film project that I’m super stoked about. I’m dying to get my little fingers on a new doc.

-Studying up on people/business who I have scheduled interviews with…what do I want to know? What’s inappropriate to ask…so what’s another way of getting the info I need? P.S. I’m really loving interviewing my ONLY ish…surprise surprise…is that I wish they were on camera. Not because I love being on camera but because I have a hard time with all the logistics of transcription and quoting but, this just means I need to work harder on it.

-Finish a short story that I need to submit to a magazine and another for a contest.


So, in your face.