Stupid dreams.

by Amelia Kanan

Secret of the day: I always dream of celebrities. Or rather I should say, celebs often have cameos in my dreams. Paris Hilton was in the dressing room when I got bad news about a death in the family, Brad and Angelina asked me for parenting advice while I was trying to move and Meryl Streep told me I was beautiful in a grocery store. They are always so nice.

In last night’s blog I mentioned a certain actress in a certain movie that I had just watched. I refereed to her, naturally, as SJP. So last night, after the movie, after talking, after blogging and after a long (drawn out) phone call from a friend who needed to brag about how he had just pulled a sweet move with a girl (It actually was super sweet. There was a girl on a first date with a guy and my friend was next to them in a restaurant. The guy on the date was a total stroke who ordered a steak chimichanga. Well, good old Blue Eyes (my friend) wrote his name and number on a napkin and when he got up to leave, he slipped it to her on the table and smiled at her. Thank god I’m not attracted to Blue Eyes anymore because that move would drive me crazy.)…I went to bed to dream.

As you can see, when I went to bed I had a lot of other stuff in my head, SJP wasn’t the only thing swimming around…My friend’s story, what I was going to do tomorrow, the fact that a certain someone is killing me in Scramble with Friends and what am I going to write for my CBS blog post this week.

Well, this didn’t stop Sarah J P from breaking into my thoughts. Last night, when I referred to her I called her SJP (annoying, I know) well I must have felt a lot of guilt over the nickname because while she, Felicity Huffman and I were filming a movie I asked her what she thought about the nickname. The three of us were on set, getting ready to go to lunch and Sarah J P looked at me with the most serious face and said “Well, to be honest. It’s really special to me because that’s what my dad called me.”

“Oh, no I’m so sorry. I feel like I’m going to cry.” I then went on a rant about how disrespectful and invasive the media is and how no one should ever call you that, unless they’re family. Then she, Felicity and I all went to lunch.

2 things come from this:

#1 I’ll be refraining from my celeb nicknames for a while, out of respect for SJP.

#2 Inspiration to refuel my lucid dreaming.