Scared of the Sun

by Amelia Kanan

I head back to the sweet city of angels tonight and even though the anxiety is beginning to build about all the dirty work I’m going to have to do, my feelings of excitement are overriding them. Although I’m scared to let the sun see my skin, I can’t wait to:

See those faces. Laugh with those personalities. Get shit for my abrupt move. Eat the freshest and cheapest sushi. Be able to wear sunglasses all day. Wear flip-flops. Tickle “my” little chickens. Drink my coffee outside, in the sun. See all of my things in storage. Hold the newest Scott. Go hiking for the last time. Take an encore smell of the ocean.

I think I’m starting to grieve a bit. I realized how much I would miss the people and I’m fully aware of what I’m leaving behind and no matter how at peace I am about it, I still feel a tinge of sadness. See you in Sweet Cal.