by Amelia Kanan

In three days I go back to Sweet Cal (for my people’s personal info, I arrive at 9:30pm at Bobby Hope Airport). Here’s the thing: as much as I would love to linger and bid thoughtful adieu’s to everyone, I’m not sure I will have the luxury of time. Although I don’t have a one-way ticket back to the mitten yet, I am hoping to be out of Los Angeles by the 15th.

The breakdown: I have until January 10th to clear out my storage unit. This means, the 6th will bear witness to me traveling through a range of emotions while I take inventory, vote in/out heirlooms and struggle to fit bins, boxes and furniture into my mini van where they will be taken to a storage space in San Diego, my Numba One’s in the LBC or sold to a bidder on the old craigslist. The 7th I will be helping the Numba One celebrate a very special birthday. On the 8th, 9th and 10th I will resume all of the leg work that needs to be done due to the collection of “stuff” I own. On the 11th day I shall rest, hang out, see my loves ones, play and celebrate a job (hopefully) well done. The 11th. Ohh, the 11th. On this Wednesday, I will hopefully make my educated decision of what exactly to do with my car. Sell it to an immigrant family? Probably not because selling an overly used car that’s past its prime in California could be one of the most difficult things to do. I feel as though my two best options are to sell it to either a junk yard or just give to charity and write it off.

Yes, I promise to see each of you, hug every soul goodbye and maybe, if you’re lucky, spill a tear or two on your shirt  BUT I’m not sure how much time I will be able to commit. My pockets will be empty, my clock will by ticking and my anxiety will be through the ceiling.