I’m such a cliche.

by Amelia Kanan

I was good all season. Thanksgiving through Christmas, my dough eating was kept to an all time low, my tastings of sweet stayed consistently minimal, my dinners have been good and my dining out choices have been smart. I’ve felt empowered and  in control. That was until Christmas Eve, when Spinach Dip made an appearance on the scene. I, seduced, dipped. At first I dipped just a few pieces. Then I made a little plate with only a dollop of it, thinking that was a safer choice and said “This is it, Amelia”. Dinner was served right after my plate was clean of the dip. I wasn’t hungry, I was actually a little full from the dip but, I didn’t want to be rude so, I ate my dinner plate. Pork loin, a dish I don’t even like. Mostaccioli, something I didn’t need to partake in. Potatoes, a food that’s easy for me to decline. Sure, there were veggies that I munched but they’re nutritional value was discredited because of the dominance of sugars and carbs I consumed. That night, I felt disgusting. Today, two days later, I feel uncomfortable. My body feels dirty inside. This is the feeling detest the most. I’m going to shake it off. I’m going to move forward as best I can and I’ll be fine, I just hate this feeling.