My New Wage-Earner (Minus the Wage)

by Amelia Kanan

A few weeks ago, I hired an assistant since my plate is really starting to fill up. She’s quite a bit older than me but she works for free. In fact, she’ll actually pitch in when it comes to certain things that are needed around the office. In exchange, I cook for her and rake her leaves/shovel snow sometimes. Her morale is high and she seems very excited just to be involved. I’m slowly trying to give her more responsibility but I think she responds better to being micro managed. Plus, there’s certain things she just won’t do. For instance, when I told her I’d like to make her in charge of marketing and that would mean she would need to improve her computer skills, she showed no interest. Even after offering her the opportunity to take a course, taught by me, in certain things like operating Facebook, e-mail attaching and how to navigate the web in general, she lacked the desire to learn. This frustrated me but since there won’t be any Christmas bonuses this year, I sucked it up. Overall, I appreciate what she’s already doing. #1 She spreads the word the best way she can which is verbally, and she’s a real chatter so I know she’s drilling it into people’s brains. #2 She passes out my cards to people who don’t even want to take them. And, #3 (The biggest and most important) She is so proud of me and excited that it helps me stay on track. Haha, if you think about it, you would think I hired my own mother or something. Now that’d be crazy.