I’m Stuck in Crazy Glue

by Amelia Kanan

Just when I get down and begin to have any apprehension with my decision of moving back to Detroit, the world gives me 3 more reasons to stay. Wait. Make that 5 reasons:

– I’m going to be on stage. Next month. Performing my own piece.

– I have good people here. More than I thought. Plus, I’ve met new, exceptional humans.

– The pain from the pinched tendon (or nerve or muscle) in my butt is just about gone. One might assume this isn’t related to me being in Michigan however, with the combination of yoga and (I’m going to get real for a second) my mom giving me heating pad butt massages regularly my tendons or muscles are on the mend. Who knows what kind of shape I’d be in if I wasn’t near her for that?

– Speaking of butt massages, a guy asked for my number last night. (He was divorced, with two kids and alone in a bar but…you know “bright side of the road”, right?)

– My first story/photo is ready to be submitted to “my editor” (ahem) and I’m pretty excited about it.

I’m feeling love. Lots of it. My confidence is back. It’s funny how life puts you exactly where you’re supposed to be and then drizzles crazy glue on the ground and makes you step in it so you don’t leave.