Trying to Stay on the Bright Side of the Road.

by Amelia Kanan

Things are breathable, right now. I have a new gig. But, it’s just that. A gig. Not a job. The difference between a gig and a job are money and obligation. This gig, however, is one that will give me experience, exposure and…I’m trying to think of another “e” noun to go with this…how about enlightenment? I’m excited to feel challenged and accountable. I’m not going to lie though this whole not-having-my-own-space is getting to me. Not only is it difficult living with people, it’s especially difficult when they’re your parents. Plus, I miss my things. I miss: having my own kitchen and my spices, having everything organized so it makes sense to me, my art on the walls, the ability to have everything quiet when I want it quiet, smelling my own scents, being surrounded by my books on their shelves, my colors and schemes, entertaining, solo dance parties, my bed and bedding, my desk…ugh, it’s ok. It’s ok because I’m thankful to have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, a door to close, food to eat, a family to love me and the ability to work and produce what I can. Namaste