For All the Haters

by Amelia Kanan

Detroit makes me smile. Some of you may chalk that up to it being my hometown. The thing is, I’ve had a lot of hometowns. Large cities/normal sized cities, clean/dirty, diverse/not so diverse (Del Mar, CA) and I’ve loved them in their own way. However, Detroit takes the cake on all of them. While breaking down the things that makes Detroit so different and lovable, I realized that their some of the same character traits that make me so different (and lovable) as well. Anyway, I get a lot of flack from outsiders who hate on these city limits. So, here’s a few reasons as to why I love it:

Having the weather reflect my feelings rather than feeling like I’m being mocked by the sun and heat.

Breaking rules and being revered as opposed to shamed.

Having real conversations with people who don’t have any agenda other than getting to know you.

 The architecture and the oldness of buildings/residences.

The history, from before the auto industry.(I love anywhere the French    leave their mark.)

Good, authentic and diverse cuisines.

The Dequindre Cut (an old highway that was taken over and made into a bike freeway).

Urban farming and using it as a means to feed the homeless rather than use it as a reason to open a restaurant and sell over-priced food because it’s “cool”.

The loyalty of sports fans, and everyone for that matter.

The authenticity of art.

The water.