What mon Mere has taught me

by Amelia Kanan

I love my mama. She’s been guilty of doing too much and making life a little too easy for me, but can you blame her? She has a heart of solid gold and I’m so grateful that she is the one that I get to call ‘Mom’.

How to be wild and crazy but still remain a lady.

It’s ok to cry (I think she taught me that one all too well).

You should iron your bed linens.

The value of cooking.

If you’re sad: don’t eat. Instead, go shopping.

The gift and the curse of being a nurturer.

Sing always, loud and proud.

Boy craziness.

The love of driving and listening to music.


How happy Home Depot can make you.

Moving, change and growth are all exciting, don’t fear it but thrive from it.

The importance of social independence when you’re in a relationship.

How you feel about yourself is largely due to what you put in your body and how frequent you’re working it out.

The appreciation of horticulture.

Long baths, moisturizer and pedicures are vital for women.

How to love someone even when you don’t like them.

Swimming in water transcends your soul.

The love of hotels.


If someone needs furniture or anything for that matter, give them your’s, even if that leaves you without anything.

The truth that is “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”