by Amelia Kanan

I forgot how a majority of people, outside of urban life, perceive photography as a career. It’s similar to how most people view wanting to become a professional Musher which is, unfortunately, my Plan B. Note: The similarity between the two occupations is that a Musher has an uncommonly known career path and a photographer’s path, to some, is just as confusing.

“Have you thought about doing senior photos?” Really? 

“You know what I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, couples getting photographed before the wedding. You should look into that.” Mmm hmm, they’re called Engagement photos. I’ve done them.

“You should call the photographer who did so-and-so’s wedding. She was nice.” Cool.

“How can you even take photos if you don’t have a studio?” Ugh!! 

“I heard Sears is hiring.” Thank you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for suggestions and I would be thrilled to photograph any occasion however, I don’t know how to explain things such as “vision”, “style” and well, let’s face it…”artistic integrity”.  I know it’s humiliating to admit but it’s the truth and that’s all I sling.