Crazy Old Maurice

by Amelia Kanan

You know Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Do you remember her dad? The whole town thought he was a crazy old man, as Gaston would say “Crazy old Maurice, eh?”. Well, that character was based on my dad. He runs around town making wild accusations about the government, economy and the future of the world. People listen, not wanting to be rude and even though they hide it very well, I can see their eyes rolling. I’ve been aware of this since I was little and I hated being the offspring of such extreme claims however, the more I listened to what he said, I began to see the things he said coming true. Example: I made fun of him for telling everyone to invest in gold a few years ago and yesterday, spot gold=$1,689.30 per ounce.

My dad has lived a colorful life, to say the least. He immersed himself within all the throes of society to only pull himself up and out and achieve more than he could have imagined (me). Even though I am living with him (and my mom) for the time being and he drives me absolutely bonkers on a day-to-day basis I still am so proud that I came from him, thankful that I’ve been able to know him as an adult and truly wouldn’t have chosen a better father for myself had I been given the choice. Here are just a few of the things that he’s taught me:

Have your own opinions.

Do whatever you want, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others.

Give. Give. Give.

Hypochondria keeps you healthy and thankful.

Life is too great and too short to waste on addictions.

Love everyone, no matter how unfortunate or cruel.

Motown and a love for the beat.

it’s ok for men to kiss men, on the cheek.

Don’t be stingy, always tip well and offer to pay.

Respect is earned, don’t give it freely.

Fear and stupidity are weak and unattractive.

Don’t be embarrassed to have the loudest laugh in the room.

In the end, all that matters is peace and love.

Treat your body with love.

Be impressed by morals and behavior rather than positions or bank accounts.

Work hard, play hard.

Just because you argue with someone doesn’t mean you don’t love them or can’t get along, in fact, it’s probably the opposite.

Don’t eat carbs.

Make people laugh and make sure you laugh with them.

Cooking for people is a sign of love.

Naps, popcorn, movies, massages and pedicures are all slices of heaven.

Always be thankful and never take anything for granted.

Good friends are family.

Dancing makes your heart sing.