Goodbye, Los Angeles and Hello, Detroit.

by Amelia Kanan

$150 worth of luggage leaving only $20 in my bank account and even though I’m not so sure how this is all going to pan out, I am feeling a peace within myself that I haven’t felt for at least two months. Maybe it has to do with familiar scents, hugging my mom, listening to my dad’s pep talk, laughing with my brother, being able to unpack somewhere, not having to change in my car, having a bit of privacy within a room I can call my own (even though it’s my brother’s old one), knowing when I wake up I can see the loved ones I’ve been missing and feeling safe enough again where I can be motivated.  I lost so much momentum this past month due to my feeling of failure, loss of confidence and imprisonment due to lack of money for gas. Without that momentum my self-pride wavered, my interest in jobs faded, my fitness lagged and most importantly, my twinkle dimmed. However, my leaf has flipped,  my wounds are licked and tomorrow morning I’m back to work (to find work) and my daily grind, just minus the blue skies, 70 degrees and hills.