The part I love.

by Amelia Kanan

It's weird that you can have a mini me that isn't even yours.

Yes, I’m over it BUT I would be lying if I didn’t admit to you all the things I love and will truly miss about being a professional friend to the young little hearts I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with.

The ridiculousness:

Scene: “A” and “C” (4) sit on the floor facing each other.

C : Can you make this sound “Ehhhhh”.

A : “Ehhhh”

C : No “Ehhhhh”.

A : “Ehhhhhh”.

C : No “Ehhhh”.

It went on for 30 mintues and “A” never got the “Ehhhhh” right.

The things they say:

Scene: Reading a Little Critter book to “K” (5) and “S” (3).

A : “Bun bun the bunny was scared of the sharks.”

K : Melia, Melia! Call Bun Bun “Tushy tushy”.

S : Hahaha Say “Tushy Tushy Fart Fart”.

The snuggles:

Scene: New family at bedtime. After “A” reads and tucks “D” (5) into bed, the Mom goes in to say goodnight to “D”.

D : Amelis’s never babysat us at night before.

M : I know.

D : She doesn’t know that I like to be snuggled.

M : Would you like her to come back in and snuggle you?

D : Yes, please. Right now.

The embarrassing stuff:

Scene: “A” is at the park talking to a parent when “L” (5) jumps up into her arms.

L : I can see your bra. Does it have a bow?

A : It does, but let’s not talk about it right now, ok?

L : It’s pink, I’ve seen you wear that one before.

A : (Gasp) L!

L : No, I think it’s cool! My mom only wears white ones.

The storytelling:

“Once upon a moment, in this tiny corner of a large piece of land lived two little bunnies and a princess named “S”. One day “S” and the bunnies were walking around the kingdom, saying good morning to everyone they knew, because that was part of their routine when all of a sudden this frog showed up. It was weird too because frogs had been banned from the kingdom thousands of years before because they were a sign that a witch was near but no one had told “S” that so she said “Good morning, green and slimy thing” in her sweetest voice. The frog, grinned, knowing that this princess had no idea of his connections to the witch that lived in the jungle beyond the kingdom limits. “How do you do, me lady” the frog said, trying to disguise his creepy croak. “May I hold you”, “S” asked because she had a tremendous love for everything small, even if it was green and slimy. The frog, grinned, and nodded. “S” scooped him into her hands and she as she was about to compliment the frog’s skin, he leaped onto her head (the princess didn’t know frogs, so she definitely didn’t know that they could leap) and stole her crown. He was gone in a flash and she was so shocked she didn’t even cry. For nothing bad had ever happened to the princess before and it was a feeling she was unsure of. She scooped her two bunnies up into her arms and walked home, with her head down, back to the kingdom. Meanwhile…”

The extras:

The long walks, the bike rides, making little frowns turn upside down, singing made up songs, watching a little person learn something new, watching them grow, hearing their logic, experiencing their excitement, witnessing their achievements, laughing with them, dance parties and hugs.

I love you little ones, moms and dads. Thanks for all the incredible experiences, laughs, advice, knowledge and wisdom you’ve all given me.