What my Grandma has taught me.

by Amelia Kanan

Like everyone, I’ve been influenced by many people in my life. My mother’s mother, Gammy as I call her, has been a large influence. Some good and some not so great things:

Always squeedgie glass shower doors after you shower.

There’s a huge difference between people that are rich and people who are wealthy.

Sleep around. It’s Ok, in fact encouraged, if you don’t marry.

How to properly set a table.

The love for design based around functionality as well as aesthetic value.

When in doubt: pearls.

How to layer.

Cocktail hour begins at 5 and carries on until you go to sleep.

Massages are a life priority not a luxury and masseuses should come to you.

It’s Okay to regift, as long as you won’t be caught.

Cooking is an experience not work.

It’s important to be intelligent and if you can’t be then it’s even more important to fake it.

It’s a gift to make people laugh.

When entertaining, guests are much more important than family.

No one larger than a size 6 is allowed seconds at the dinner table.

Wine isn’t alcohol so it’s ok to drink if you’re under age.

Never talk about money in public.

American society is prude and rude.

Always smile and laugh among friends and only be a downer to those closest to you.

Never settle.