by Amelia Kanan

A shout out to all of my sisters. You know who you are. I love you and can only attempt to express it.

Once in awhile, we instigate. Fight. Talk shit. Compete with each other in events that aren’t comparable. Once in awhile, we clash.

Sometimes, she kicks me. Pinches me. Annoys me. Makes me so angry, I can’t see. Sometimes, she pushes me.

Most of the time, she’s my partner. Swings her fist for me. Tells me everything and listens to the stupidest things I have to say. Most of the time, she makes me laugh.

At times, I want to strangle her. Kick her. Be defensive. Not listen to anything she has to say. At times, I can’t stand her.

Too often, we are honest. Vulnerable. Too knowing. Supportive but judgmental. Too often, we share.

Always, we care. Are considerate. Trusting. Hoping for the best. Always, we are there.

Never, do we hope for failure. Wish illness. Hate. Believe in the worst for the other. Never, do we want to harm.

Every day, I think of her. Want her close. Need her hugs. Hear her voice speaking the truth. Every day, she loves me and every day, I love her.