A little taste of home.

by Amelia Kanan

Today I went to my storage unit. I resisted at first because it’s a little out-of-the-way, traffic was going to be a wild card at that hour and I was not feeling very well all day. However, once I got there, unloaded all the stuff I don’t need in my car and unlocked my Master lock with my key I began to beam. A rush of comfort swelled through me as I saw my bedding pattern, my favorite bookshelf, my nightstand lamp shade, my colors, my books, my things, my life. I smiled at everything, all piled upon each other and linked in arms and felt so happy that they were all there, just waiting for me to give them a life again. By the pure strike of luck, most of my fall clothes and shoes were near the door so I didn’t have to maneuver much to switch out/in my things. Since I’ve always had a difficult time in only taking what I need, I ended up with more than I probably should have. However, it all fit into a duffle…and a half. As I neatly put everything back and made sure there wasn’t anything else I needed, I said goodbye to everything (in my head, not out loud-I’m not that crazy). I reassured them I would find a place for everyone soon and that I couldn’t wait to sleep in their covers, smell their scents, set my books upon, cook with their help, sit upon their backs and dwell within their presence. And then I cried. I’m just kidding, I didn’t but I could have if I really wanted to go there…Instead, I closed it and took my things down to my car and organized.

My shoes, are on the floor in a line, like you would find them in a closet

My work, casual and going out clothes are in duffles on the seats in the second row. Also, there is a bag with my jewelry, makeup, scarves and other accessories.

In the aisle is a small bag filled with my wires, hard drives and other technical stuff.

On top of that bag is a bag with my cozy clothes and toiletries.

My fitness and outdoor stuff, food and fan are in the third seat.

And in the rear, I have my hamper, towels and a suitcase that holds things that I may need but usually don’t need on a daily basis.

With all that said, don’t ever take your closets, cabinets, drawers and shelves for granted.