It’s the little things.

by Amelia Kanan

This place has made me happy since I was 4 years old. Del Mar, CA

It’s funny how things that give you happiness change over your life. There have been so many moments, phases or eras in my life and even though I feel as if I’ve grown out of living within a box, I can’t help but wonder what other new and different phases I’ll go through.  Since I’m feeling a little nostalgic, I created a few lists of the little things that either #1 used to makes me happy, #2 now make me happy and #3 have and always will make me happy. I’m sure these lists will keep getting added to…

Things that used to make me happy and I would never be caught dead doing now:

Parliament Lights

Sutter Home, White Zinfandel

Crying to everyone and anyone about how I feel sorry for myself

Behaving recklessly

Listening to Death Cab

Not wearing shoes (Even though this phase was the longest I promise it’s over)

Lying (big difference than pretending, by the way)

Being the center of everyones’ worlds

Talking back/ being defiant

New things that make me happy:


Deep breathing


Going to bed early and waking up early

Hiking by myself


Farmers’ Markets

Thinking before I do something

Not being the center of attention

Giving gifts

Being a role model (because I’m obviously in the public eye, a lot)

Constants that have always made me happy:

Laughing so hard, it hurts

Christmas season

Playing cards/games

Going to cider mills

Competing (but only at things I feel confident about…)

Wearing dresses, skirts and heels



Making people smile/laugh


Van Morrison

Fires in the fireplace, blankets and movies

“Family” dinners

Going out to breakfast/lunch/dinner

Holding babies

Meeting new people

Swimming in the ocean

Going to the movies

Being read to or told a story

Driving and listening to music


Long walks or bike rides


Pretending (all sorts of things…)


Talking to myself, in the mirror

Live music, but only in small venues