Real Housewife of Los Angeles

by Amelia Kanan

I’m domestic, what can I say? Seriously though, this characteristic is a big reason as to how I’m able to live the way I do and I’m thankful for it because it’s my ticket to shelter. People like having me around because, well, I’m an insta-wife. Whether you’re a male, female or couple, I jump right in and make myself a part of whatever sitch. Observing what might be lacking, things that need to get done and who/what needs attention. I encourage, cook, listen to work days, offer advice, feed pets or children, clean, organize, laugh, argue about what we’re going to watch on TV and whose turn it is to pop popcorn. Of course, it’s not always roses because just like a normal wife, I also get tired, can feel neglected and envious that my “spouses” get to have big lives outside of “our” homes while I wait for them to come home all day. Sure, I occupy myself just fine all day with errands, working out, applying for jobs, cleaning, visiting with other housewives, etc but, it’s difficult not having my own purpose, my own responsibility and using the part of my brain that isn’t domesticated. Right now, I’m a housewife, without certain benefits (if you know what I mean) which is another stress in it’s own. None of my spouses are putting out and all that does is make me feel like a Real Househusband. Poor guys, poor me. Really though, I think I should take this opportunity to remind everyone how amazing women and wives are. The amount of stress, tasks we accomplish, things we need to be constantly aware of, compassion, responsibility and emotion that we carry can be so overwhelming but we still, at the end of most (not all) days, muster up a smile, laugh and shake it off in order to go to bed so we can get up and do it all over again. I think everyone should hug a female today and tell her she’s amazing. Hopefully it’s me… But, seriously. If you see me today or any day, for that matter, if you could give me a genuine hug, I would be so grateful.