Green Dreams

by Amelia Kanan

Photo by Stephanie Bassos

It’s only been 3 weeks since my steady paycheck died and I know the wounds are still fresh but I’ve already started a list of the things I miss and will reincorporate into my life once I fall in love with another monogamous paycheck:

Spa Pedicures


Clothes (Ohh, how I miss you, my mistress Anthropologie. I promise to return once I am able to buy your love again!)

Weekend trips

New heels (My favorite wedges broke at a party a few weekends ago…)

Buying random things from target just to fill that aimless void

Used books (Although they are cheap, I have no room in my car for them.)

Good wine


Going out to breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the same day!

Gifts (for others, not myself-I’m not that selfish)

Organic everything

Special cheese


Running shoes

New workout clothes

Upgrade my iphone

New computer

New car

Whew, alright. I began to get a little carried away at the end but, you get the point. Although my comfy little life has been temporarily gutted, I’m holding strong to the belief that it’s only in shambles to create a bigger, higher quality and sturdier new house, er-I mean life.